Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Why? Because of the food, of course!!!  This Thanksgiving I am planning a Paleo friendly (or Paleo inspired) Thanksgiving meal. While not everything follows Paleo 100%, it is very close. Everything is definitely going to be much lower carb than a normal Thanksgiving meal.

Well, except for the desserts. I have promised I will make regular, favorite desserts. They are NOT low carb, low sugar or Paleo in any way, shape or form. 

Below you can click on the link to see the recipes. I can't say I totally made up the recipes myself, but I put them together from a lot of different recipes and thus adapted them so that they no longer truly resemble the original recipes I started with. So, in a way, they are my own recipes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Diana Tucker
11/26/2012 13:40

I must say, everything turned out very well! The gravy was AWESOME!!! The herb butter rub on the turkey made it very good too and is what led to great gravy!


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