So, I was in Cincinnati for 4 days last week for a conference and had a chance to eat at a few good places. On Wednesday I went to McCormick & Schmick's. This is an upscale seafood chain. The food was okay, I had a nice fillet Mignon, cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, the Alaskan King Crab legs that came with it were horrible. They were overcooked and had no taste. The thing that displeased me the most in this restaurant though was the service. They seem to be trying to demonstrate that they have impeccable service because they have two people serving every table. All wait staff is dressed in coat and tie. But, if you have that kind of service and the kind of prices they do, a patron should NEVER have to ask for water or bread. These should be staples for every table. They never brought the water, and we had to ask 3 times for the bread. So, I can't say i would recommend McCormick & Schmick's. You can get a good steak at many places. In fact, you can order steak at the next 2 restaurants below.

On Thursday we went to Palomino's. I have learned that this is a chain restaurant out of Seattle. The food was good. I liked that there was a variety of price ranges. Small plates, large plates, wood fired pizza to die for!!! Best I have ever had. The service was great. Shout out to our server, Steven! He had to put up with a lot because there were 5 loud women at our table ready to start the night off partying. The best thing about Palomino's though, was the Lavender Cosmo!!! It was really, really good. I highly recommend Palomino's!

Then, on Friday, the same 5 women went to Via Vite. Shout out to our server, Evan, who also had to deal with us, but provided very good service. The chef came out to say hi to us. Not sure if it was because we were so loud, or what, but he did greet us warmly. Sadly, I did not catch his name. He is a Northern Italian and makes food like his mama used to make, but with his own twist. Boy was it good!  a friend and I got the rosemary infused pappardelle with "pasta e fagioli" and spicy Italian sausage with a hint of tomato sauce. "fagioli" means beans. I do not usually like beans, but I went with it. I ate everything on my plate and could have eaten more. I've got to figure out how to recreate this dish. It was phenomenal. Everyone else at the table seemed to really enjoy their dishes as well. So, I highly recommend Via Vite!


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