So, this past week I was in Colorado for my sister's wedding and my one year anniversary. Needless to say, i ate some good food! Most notably was at the Greenbriar Inn just north of Boulder. My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary there on Sunday, July 11. this restaurant is situated in the country and looks like an old farm house, yet is right off the main road coming out of Boulder. It is very picturesque. 

We were first served a duck liver pate with a Bearnaise sauce on crostini. This was absolute perfection! I thought that that was in lieu of bread, but no. We also got a beautiful basket of bread. We ordered the escargot just because neither of us had ever had it. I don't think we'll get it again. Not that it was bad, just not our thing. A texture issue I think. They served a lovely little palate cleanser before the main course. A lemon sorbet I think it was. I had the filet mignon and Mark got the Beef Wellington. Both were superb, cooked perfectly. We did not get dessert as we had ice cream waiting for us back at the hotel. Overall I highly recommend this restaurant!


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