So, my first post will be about our meal at Bel Lago last night. Bel Lago is located by the Hoover Dam in Westerville, Ohio. The setting is wonderful, but the parking situation may leave you in a bad mood. There is very little parking near the restaurant. This certainly happens at many restaurants; however, most restaurants that have little parking will do things to aid the patron in finding parking. For instance, having a valet at Bel Lago would have been very helpful. It is definitely a prime spot for having valet. The hostesses (there seemed to be like 5), were not at all helpful when asked where else we could park.  If Bel Lago is not going to provide a valet, it would be nice to either have a sign saying where else people could park or make sure your employees have some ideas.

Once we got inside, the atmosphere is nice, although the live jazz music was a little loud. The outside patio was packed, so we were not able to get a seat out there. Our booth was very tight, I could barely move my arms while eating. I had to make the decision to NOT get the Alaskan King Crab legs because I didn't think I would have enough room to eat them.

I had the crab bisque, which was very flavorful, but had many pieces of shell and cartilage in it. On the bright side, I suppose that means the bisque was freshly made, on the downside, it made for difficult eating. But once again, I did like the flavor.  I also had the scallops with lobster mac n cheese. This was good. Nice, big, pieces of Maine lobster and the pasta was not too cheesy, more alfredo like. 

My dining companions had the lobster spaghetti and the ribs. Everyone seemed to like these dishes.

The big question:  Will I go back? Probably not. I think I can find a similar atmosphere elsewhere and get more elbow room and friendlier greeting, better parking elsewhere.


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