If you don't know what Paleo is, it is a diet that is supposed to be like (or more like) what our "caveman" ancestors ate. Basically, it is very much like a low carb diet. The main difference would be that with a low carb diet, you can eat processed low carb foods, with Paleo, you don't do processed. Also, with low carb, you can do dairy, not with Paleo. Some goat or sheep's milk dairy is okay in much moderation, but not regular cow milk or cheese. With low carb you can't eat fruits, while you are not supposed to do that with Paleo too much either, it is okay to work some fruits in (such as berries, tomatoes, avocados and other fruits that we often think of as vegetables). So, I hope to add more blog entries here over the next few months about how it goes as I go Paleo. I plan to work up to a complete Paleo Thanksgiving.



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