So, my parents went to Hawaii in March and got me a cookbook for my birthday featuring recipes from famous Hawaiian chefs. This weekend is Hawaiian meals galore! Last night I made Kaluha pork tacos with a spicy black bean side and mango salsa.  Tonight will be a Thai crispy chicken dish from the book. And Sunday will be duck breasts with a sweet potato puree from the book. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I rarely just follow a recipe. They are more of a idea guide than something I feel I need to follow religiously. This is why I am a terrible baker. I always say, I love to cook, not bake.

The pork tacos were very good, but I actually followed the recipe for the amount of salt in the pork, and I will NOT use that much next time. I then did NOT follow the recipe for the black beans and I added 2 hot peppers and it was way too hot, so I shall NOT do that again. But everything else worked out nicely.

I will update again after the Thai chicken and duck breast!


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