My husband always makes reservations at a restaurant in the area that I have been wanting to try for my birthday. This year we went to Sage American Bistro on North High in Clintonville. It was delish! We shared the braised pork belly appetizer. Don't do it! Each get your own! It was delectable and not very big, so really sharing it was not nearly enough. Of course this is pork belly we are talking about and we all know that health-wise we should NOT eat our own. We actually each ordered the same entree as well. If I can't decide between two items on a menu, and my dinning mate is ordering one of them, I order the same because I am afraid I will be jealous of what they have. So, we both had the Bistro Steak "filet" with braised mustard greens and sweet potato fries. The steal was perfect, the fries were awesome and while a bit salty, the greens were also very good. We also ordered dessert, which tends to only happen on birthdays. I ordered the chocolate espresso mousse and donut and my husband had the cheesecake. Both were very good. The chocolate mousse was very rich and really did not need the donut along side it, but I'm not complaining!


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