The good news is that I have a great new job where I will not have to commute 90 minutes each way to work anymore. I will be teaching totally online for Walden University. So, no commute whatsoever because I can work from home! The bad news is that I will not be teaching PR for Walden. Mostly I will be teaching a basic communication course. I enjoy the basic course as well, but I will miss teaching PR very much. The toll the commute was taking on my health and overall lifestyle was just too much. So, perhaps I will blog every so often about PR, but likely I will be far too busy with my new job to be doing PR stuff on the side. I do expect, however, that my new teaching role will have me keeping up on social media trends as there is a unit on communication with new technology. So perhaps this blog will turn into a social media specific blog. We shall see!


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