So, this video is just a fun way for me to say, "here is what I think teachers should be doing when it comes to providing feedback on assignments." Let us not bombard students with our feedback and the dreaded red pen marks all over. I would go on to say that focusing on grammar and misspellings can be too much for many beginning students. Instead, choosing one or two areas to work on in each assignment is preferable. I tend to focus on content and organization of their writing in early classes, then later in a term or later in their college career start to "nitpick" about grammar, etc.
Nejdra P.
7/7/2016 14:50:00

Hi Dr. Tucker,
I am a former student of your "Interpersonal Communication" class. I took your course in the spring of 2015. I totally agree that instructors need to focus less on grammar and misspelling when grading and giving their feedback on assignments. I had a professor who did the opposite and would take points off for misplaced or missing "periods or commas", etc.


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    The image above is a view of sharks in the underwater view provided at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Sometimes I think that teachers are seen as sharks. Much like sharks, we are misunderstood and stereotyped. Really, we all just want the best for our students.


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